Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Well, let's talk about our streets....

The Cambridge Forest HOA Board of Directors has revived the discussion of street maintenance.  Remember that since the HOA owns the streets in our neighborhood, we HOA members pay to maintain them, rather than the Town of Cary.  Let me also remind everyone that street maintenance is an equally-shared member expense.  So the single-family members share the expense for street repair in the townhome section.  And yes, vice versa.

This issue was raised a few years back.  In fact, the board called a special meeting of the members to discuss the issue and get feedback.  The response was overwhelmingly negative.  And a new board subsequently tabled the discussion indefinitely.

Nevertheless, the current board has renewed the discussion.  If we are to have a discussion about street maintenance and/or replacement, we have to consider four factors:

  1.  How much money do we need to spend on the streets today?
  2.  What other expenses are we facing today?
  3.  How much money do we have?
  4.  How should we prioritize our limited resources?

We simply do not have reserves to cover everything today.  So we must decide what to spend our money on today and what can be put off until tomorrow.  This is just common sense.  The key words above are 'need' and 'today.'

So what other expenses are we facing today?  Well, all of the townhome buildings need quite a bit of carpentry work (there is a list and it is long).  Ideally, this should be followed immediately by exterior painting.  Altogether a very large expense.

Let's note in passing that any type of maintenance will cost more the longer that it is deferred.  This is true for streets; this is true for buildings.

Here I would ask a fifth question:  Why can we not simply patch the worst areas of the streets?

So, let's all look at the streets, and let's all look at the buildings.  And answer these questions.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Welcome to the reconstituted Cambridge Forest website.

As requested, I have posted 2012 Annual Meeting minutes in the sidebar.  I will add the 2013 minutes when they are available.  You will also find our last two newsletters there as well.  If anyone has older newsletters, I'm happy to add them.